Welcome to the official website of the Windy City Outlaws, where we blend Western traditions with 21st-century advancements, bringing an exciting twist to the rodeo scene in Livingston. Our goal is to ensure that our town experiences the thrill of rodeo right in their own backyard, while also supporting the future generation of ranchers and farmers through scholarships.


With decades of rodeo and business expertise, we have curated an exceptional event in collaboration with trusted professionals, including a Montana stock contractor and esteemed rodeo announcer. We joined forces with the Northern Rodeo Association, expanding our rodeo format to include a wide range of thrilling events, from rough stock to barrel racing, team roping, and more.


This evolution has made our rodeo even better, offering more opportunities for participants and creating a genuine hometown atmosphere. Join us as we celebrate our local community and create unforgettable moments at our upcoming rodeo.

our committee

Left Side (Left to Right)

Shane Ransom, Wacey Stuart, Nicole Stuart, Stacy Sunvison, Paul Sunvison, Channie Heimer, Joe Heimer, Caitlin ward , Chad Ward.

Right Side (Left to Right)
Dan Nelson, Sue Nelson, Race Anderson, Raymond Anostegui, Debbie Costle, Michael Costle, Elena Klasing, Michael Klasing


Michael A. Klasing – President
Wacey Stuart – Vice President
Stacy Sunvison – Secretary
Elena M. Klasing – Treasurer


John Adams, John Adams Jr., Race Anderson, Raymond Anostegui, Mark Baker, Thad Battrick, Jim Brown, Michael Costle, Debbie Costle, Cori Gorden, Channie Heimer, joe Heimer, Elena Klasing, Michael Klasing, Sue Nelson, Dan Nelson, Raymond Nelson, Cynde Nelson, David Nelson, Christina Nelson, Jake Nelson, Shawn O’Neil, Shane Ransom, Jeff Sarrazin, Nicole Stuart, Wacey Stuart, Steele Stuart, Strand Stuart, Stacy Sunvison, Paul Sunvison, Trevor Sunvison, Matlynn Sunvison, Dennis Tobiason, Amy Vigil, Caitlin Ward, Chad Ward, and Carla Williams